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Next year is just hours away.  Had my three kids and their families here in Maine with us for Christmas, great fun, all left today and the house seems so quiet!  I am planning for new galleries, and have two thoughts for January.  I have a “portfolio” of cars from a show at the local transportation museum.  There is another folder of images taken at a local sort of junkyard.  I’ll post an image from both here.  If anyone has a thought, speak up in the comments……

Red Morgan and Old Typewriter

30 Dec 2010

The Right Marble

Today I received the marble I bought, and here it is.  I think I prefer the wrong one, and have asked the seller if I might buy it too!

7 Dec 2010

The Wrong Marble

I plan to visit this space at least weekly to post about something I am currently working on or to plan to work on. This, my first post, is to show something I have just done today. I collect marbles, to photograph, and often bid on ones I like on ebay. Last week I received from the seller, the WRONG MARBLE! Horrors, right? Well, not really. I made arrangements to return it, and decided to do a quick picture, since I had it. This is what happened:

Sometimes “Wrong” can be very right!

3 Dec 2010