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About Christie B. Smith

I have been a serious photographer for over 25 years, at first shooting b/w film (35mm and medium format), hand-coloring some images, making silver gelatin and platinum prints, showing my work regularly in group shows and occasionally solo.  With the advent of Photoshop I could finally have some control over the color printing with results that pleased me, and have been producing primarily color work for the past fourteen years.   Some images seem to “ask” to be produced in black and white, and I comply.

The galleries posted here represent some of my personal favorites.  I hope you will enjoy looking through the images, and commenting on any that particularly please (or displease!) you.

In addition to my own work, I do digital photographic work for clients.  Mostly I scan, retouch, enhance, etc. negatives, prints, and digital files of others’ work, and  make digital files (CDs/DVDs) and prints of varying sizes, up to 16×20. Some clients are looking for better prints of old photographs of relatives,  ancestors, friends, etc.  Some need prints for newspaper articles, magazine spreads, or books.

I charge $40 an hour with a one hour minimum.  Clients choose between matte or glossy (lustre too) paper surfaces.  First prints are:

Up to 5×7     –                                  $15.00

Larger than 5×7  to 8×10 –              25.00

Larger than 8×10 to 11×14  –           40.00

Larger than 11×14 to 16×20 –          60.00

Duplicates in the same order: –  20% less

              For prices of images in my galleries contact me by email or phone as below.

Contact Information